Adam’s Dating Site Reviews


The purpose of this document is to give everyone a broad overview of the variety of online dating sites, their rough cost, their benefits and drawbacks.

It’s a buyer’s market! If you like comedy, if you like dancing, if you like yoga, if you like certain ethnicities or religions – there’s a site for you.

And of course there are big supermarket sites that are meant for everyone.

I have generally included the sites that have been good to people – and a couple of LOSERS. There are PLENTY of other sites, but many send you phony emails and are scams.

Stick with the best, as per below.

And let me know if you know of other sites that have been useful.

It is important to note that the value of various sites changes over time and area by area.

For example, when I first started with online dating five years ago in Los Angeles, seemed to have a great clientele – lots of interesting women in my age range. When I recently looked, most seemed to have migrated elsewhere.

So the site that was drawing great men 3 years ago might not have the best selection now. Trends change. What’s “cool” changes.

Also, the site that has great guys in Boston may be lackluster in Kansas and vice-versa. So it’s important to ask other women in your area – or guys – which sites have the best selection right now.

That said, let me give you an overview of what I consider to be the best and most interesting sites.

This is based on my research and tips from the 10,000 or so guys whom I advise on how to attract quality women.

I ALWAYS appreciate your input on how good dating sites are in your locality – so please never hesitate to drop me a line and share your experience or opinion about dating sites. It helps everyone in this community.


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